What is Deployer

The Deployer project provides a command-line tool for automating the deployment of distributed systems developed in the Cloud and Interactive Computing group (CIC) at the Texas Advanced Computing Center. Currently, support for the following projects is planned:

  • TACC’s Integrated JupyterHub
  • Abaco API
  • Agave API
  • OAuth Gateway

The CIC group uses Deployer internally to manage deployments of its hosted offerings of the above systems, but external groups can also use Deployer to manage their own on-premise deployments of these systems.

Organization of Documentation

The Deployer documentation is organized into three sections: Getting Started, which covers installation and basic concepts; the User Guide, intended for operators who will use Deployer to manage deployments of one or more of the supported projects and the Developers Guide, which is intended for individuals wishing to develop Deployer itself.